Wadhwana Loyalty Program

No company is built upon more than the support, trust & loyalty of its customers. Wadhwana Group values your love & support.

As our esteemed customers, you have trusted us with building your home and your happiness and we wish to reward you for showing faith in us.

And as a token of appreciation, we would like to introduce you to the Wadhwana Loyalty and Referral program.

If you have any friend or family member or relative who would be interested in joining the Wadhwana family and just like you did, trusting our tradition, expertise & credibility, refer them to us. We have fabulous rewards for both you and your friends and family!


As a member of the loyalty club, you can enjoy:

  1. Invitation for special preview of our new projects
  2. An opportunity to be a part of a unique reward program

How does the Wadhwana loyalty program work?
It’s simple. All you need to do is recommend any of the Wadhwana projects to your friend, family or colleagues. If any of them books a residence with us, both you and the person buying the property get rewarded.

Are you purchasing a second property yourself?
What better than a returning customer? If you wish to re-invest in any of our properties, we will provide you with exemplary offers for your second investment.

How do I refer?
Simply fill out the form below along with your own details and the project you would be referring for. You can refer up to 5 persons at one time. Once we receive the details, we will reach out to the people referred by you.

What are my benefits?
We have devised a specialised tiered program for member benefits. This is entirely based on the kind of Wadhwana property you have referred to your contacts. Meanwhile, you can call us on 0250-2500530 to know about your specific rewards.

Invite Your Friends
  • Member Details

  • Fill in the details of upto 5 acquaintances.

Terms & Conditions


Any personnel involved with Wadhwana Group or on payroll or employee will not be eligible for this program and its benefits

Channel Partners

Any Channel partner will not be eligible for this program and its benefits


The benefits are at the discretion of the management of Wadhwana Group

Income Tax

Any and all monetary benefits will be governed under Indian Income Tax Act